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Tap Into The Power
Of The Sun!

We are here to offer the best service and most competitive pricing. When you're looking for renewable energy, Array of Solar is here to help.

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Why Choose Array of Solar

"Has been a great experience from quote to customer service. They installed without me lifting a finger. Jeremy is very honest, which is often hard to find. Our panels work better than we thought, and Array of Solar was at our house within one day after we had some wind damage. THAT is service!"

C. Brewer

Lubbock, TX

"Array of Solar has a team of the best specialists in the field. You are properly informed of all aspects of the installation and the functions of your system. They remain with you until all the appropriate inspection of the system is satisfactorily completed by the city council. They are honest."

J. Ibekwe

Dallas, TX

We Can Help If:

  • You're tired of paying high electric bills

  • You want to invest in your home or business

  • You want to take advantage of local and federal rebates and tax credits

  • You need to understand more about solar

  • You need help with an existing system

  • You're tired of paying high electric bills


Want To Know More?

Feel free to reach out to us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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How Solar Works


The Solar Panels will absorb sunlight and create an energy flow.
The energy is passed into an Inverter that turns it into electricity that can be used in your home.
Your home will use the electricity created by the solar panels first.
If you need more than you make, you can pull it from the utility grid.

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